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Fearless Curiosity and Deep Caring

At Mead, the Pre-K-5 years are a pivotal period for amplifying creativity, nurturing courage, fueling curiosity, and practicing caring collaboration.  

We believe that when students build trusting, respectful relationships with their teachers and peers, they feel a great sense of community that supports and encourages them to dig deeply into their learning, push outside of their comfort zones, and realize a greater sense of self. 
Experiential learning is at the heart of what we do. The Mead School creates an environment where exploration, trial and error, collaboration, and skilled teaching of a rich curriculum seamlessly marry appropriate rigor and social and emotional growth.  As students move through the elementary years, opportunities to choose independent projects and electives feed burgeoning autonomy, allowing young learners to find their voices, take risks, and cultivate their creativity and love of learning.

Experiences that inspire...

Elementary School Approach

The Mead experience is uniquely built to advantage students - from small classes, to balanced schedules, to Home Center Director social-emotional coaches, and more.



Elementary School Curriculum

The Mead curriculum is immersive, demanding, and mastery-based.  Learn more about the work our students do.


Signature Elementary Programs

Electives, overnight trips, Wide Open Wednesdays, and more - learn how the Elementary School experience at Mead is enriched by signature programs.



Elementary Grade Divisions


Our youngest grade of school, Pre-K is filled with the joy and excitement of learning, and the advantages of Early Learning programs.



Kindergarten - Grade 2

Students in Kindergarten - Grade 2 are developing excellent school skills, social skills, and are deeply engaged in an immersive program of 'doing!'




Grades 3 - 5

In Grades 3-5, our learners are gaining confidence, autonomy, and deeper skills and are enjoying their roles as leaders.