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Joyful Learning. Deeper Mastery.


Because creativity seeds big ideas, and nimble thinking makes them reality.


Because academic challenge is meant to be engaging and inspiring.


Because an unhurried childhood forges courage and resilience.


Because a robust sense of self is a critical superpower.


Because the curiosity to fearlessly learn and explore fuels mastery.


Because deep caring is a hallmark of those who change the world.

Mastery at Mead

mas·ter·y   /ˈmast(ə)rē/  n.:  possession of great skill, knowledge, or technique

At The Mead School, our definition of mastery goes far deeper than subject matter knowledge.  

We focus on strengthening the attributes that empower students to achieve a future with meaning and excellence. We do this by providing an environment and educational model that allows deep attention to connecting the academic, social, and emotional aspects of each student's experience.

What makes Mead distinct?

Small Classes, Big Learning

A big distinction between Mead and other schools is that we are intentionally small.

Curriculum that Challenges and Engages

A Curriculum crafted to engage deep thinking skills - students learn that questioning the answer is as important as answering the question.

A Dedicated Social Emotional Coach

The Home Center Director partners with parents and teachers with the student at the center of every decision made, to ensure that each child is maximally striving and thriving.

Schedules Truly Built for Students

Mead student schedules are informed by research on how, when, and for how long children learn best.

Subject Matter Experts Sooner

Mead's subject expert "Curriculum Directors" are some of the most experienced and passionate teachers in their craft.

The Arts, Reflection, and the Outdoors

A robust expressive arts curriculum, reflection, and the outdoors are other critical components that create an engaging, joyful, and well-rounded student experience.

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My son is happy and learning and he's in Middle School, and those things usually do not go together. That's an experience most kids don't have. I don't know where else you find that.

8th Grade Parent

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The single most important aspect of Mead that I carry with me today is a love of learning.

Sarah, Class of 2011

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Mead provides a learning environment that nurtures curiosity, creative exploration, critical thinking, and kindness. Our daughter loves her teachers, friends and school community - she is thriving at Mead.
John, Class of 1994, Second Grade Parent

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At Mead, my son learned about himself as a learner, discovered new skills and a passion for music, took risks, and found a second home. He was well positioned to succeed in high school and now college!Alumni Parent

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I love my school because I feel supported by my teachers and have the freedom to be myself. Mead has strong walls but no ceilings.

7th Grade Student

Campus News

Discover how our values come to life with intention throughout The Mead School campus.