The Mead School
Middle Schooler STEAM Class

Because questioning the answer is as important as answering the question.

Mead students develop the curiosity to explore, the courage to question, and the knowledge and skills that fully prepare them for today’s world.

PreK Students Imaginary Play Outside

Because developing the curiosity to explore brings ideas to life.

As they grow, students develop their skills in critical thinking, and oral and written expression, but not at the expense of cultivating intuition, imagination and creativity - and remembering what it means to be a child.

Because a close relationship builds independence.

Because a close relationship builds independence.

Teachers inspire children to explore subjects in fresh ways, to push themselves to excel. They challenge children to be creative, independent thinkers - ready for the next step in education and beyond.

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Kindergarten boy telling story

Because every child writes his own story.

Every challenge in life is as unique as the individual. That’s why at Mead we nurture children’s confidence, intellect and independence – the tools they’ll need to succeed at every stage of their lives.

Because a child's strongest advocate is herself.

Because a child's strongest advocate is herself.

By working closely and collaboratively with our students, we're able to help them achieve the most out of every experience. They build the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

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Group of Students Garden Field Trip

Because a differentiated learning environment with tailored support enriches our entire community.

The Nexus program's integration with Mead allows twice exceptional children the opportunities to dive deeper into their strengths. 

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Values that shape our Educational Approach

Our approach to teaching and learning is experiential, hands-on, and student-centered.

It is grounded in the foundation of our Seven School Skills: 
To Think, To Imagine, To Receive, To Respect, To Act, To Express, To Intuit

Through this approach, Mead School students develop more than skills for life, they achieve

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