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Joyful Learning.  Deeper Mastery.


Because creativity seeds big ideas, and nimble thinking makes them reality.


Because an unhurried childhood forges courage and resilience.


Because a robust sense of self is a critical superpower.


Because the curiosity to fearlessly learn and explore fuels mastery.


Because strong interpersonal skills have never been more important.


Because deep caring is a hallmark of those who change the world.

Mastery at Mead

mas·ter·y   /ˈmast(ə)rē/  n.:  possession of great skill, knowledge, or technique

At The Mead School, our definition of mastery goes far deeper than subject matter knowledge.  

We focus on actively strengthening the attributes that empower students to achieve a future with meaning and excellence.

Mead nurtures students who are...


Creativity is the soul of Mead – from our challenging curriculum, to our unique schedule, everything we do nurtures creative thinking.




We believe that endless curiosity is a virtue, and that questioning the answer is as important as answering the question.





With a project-based curriculum, our students work, play, explore, and reflect together, making collaboration a curricular constant.




Mead champions childhood for children, and nurtures resilience with opportunities to embrace challenge and take risks.




Mead students care deeply about their friends, community, and planet, and have many opportunities to focus that caring into action.




Our grads often cite the strong sense of self they developed at Mead as a secret superpower, allowing them to thrive in any situation. 



My son works more purposefully on assigned projects than I have ever seen him, and has also honed his own passions. He is an engaged, self-aware student who sees school as a joy and an opportunity, and teachers as mentors and inspiration. Mead has been a gift to our family.  

7th Grade Parent

The single most important aspect of Mead that I carry with me today is a love of learning.

Sarah, Class of 2011

I don't want summer to come because I won't be at Mead learning every day!

1st Grade Student

The Mead School has given me the confidence in myself to try things I never thought I could do.

8th Grade Student

I love my school because I feel supported by my teachers and have the freedom to be myself. Mead has strong walls but no ceilings.

7th Grade Student

Campus News

Discover how our values come to life with intention throughout The Mead School campus.