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Pre-K - Grade 8 Curriculum

The Mead School prides itself on delivering a rich curriculum that seamlessly marries academic rigor with emotional and social growth.  We strive to ignite fearless curiosity, embolden creativity, strengthen caring, foster collaboration, and help students develop a robust sense of self.

By the time students graduate from Mead, they confidently draw upon their higher level critical thinking skills to embrace the challenges and responsibilities that come with being independent and mature learners.  We provide students with opportunities to practice advocating for themselves and to become active and accountable for their own learning.

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Experiences that inspire...

Elementary School Approach

The Mead experience is uniquely built to advantage students - from small classes, to balanced schedules, to Home Center Director social-emotional coaches, and more.



Middle School Approach

Learn how our students develop fearless curiosity, comfort embracing challenge, a deep sense of caring.


Signature Programs

Marine biology field work, an annual Shakespeare production, multi-day bonding trips, and more - learn how the Middle School experience at Mead is enriched by signature programs.