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Mead Students LOVE Middle School!

Middle School at Mead leverages all of the key differentiators of the Mead approach to seamlessly integrate academic rigor and social and emotional growth during these critical years.  See our students' entries in the "Mead tagline" contest to get a sense of how they feel about their Mead experience!

Taking Risks, Embracing Challenge, and Forging Paths

Because learning groups are small, Middle School students feel deeply known by faculty, forge strong friendships with peers, and are thus able to take risks.  Embracing a challenging curriculum and what can be a challenging moment in life is made joyful through interdisciplinary learning that allows time to explore areas of personal passion.  Students take on  increased independence and responsibility and are supported and challenged in ways that best fit them academically and socially.  Mead provides students with opportunities to practice advocating for themselves and to become active in, and accountable for, their own learning journey.  

Confident Self-Directed Learners

By the time students graduate from Mead, they have become self-directed learners who are confident and able to draw upon their higher level critical thinking skills to take risks and accept responsibilities that come with being independent and mature learners.  With a uniquely powerful sense of self, our graduates are flourishing, prepared, and ready to excel in high school and beyond.

Experiences that inspire...

Middle School Approach

Learn how our students develop fearless curiosity, comfort embracing challenge, a deep sense of caring.


6-8 Curricula

The Mead curriculum is immersive, demanding, and mastery-based.  Learn more about the work our students do.




Signature Programs

Marine biology field work, an annual Shakespeare production, multi-day bonding trips, and more - learn how the Middle School experience at Mead is enriched by signature programs.



Middle School by the year

Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students on are on the next great frontier - new areas of study, new electives, improvisational theater, overnight trips, and more!



Grade 7

Completely in the groove!  Students in Grade 7 are honing skills, advancing passions, performing Shakespeare, and asking big questions.




Grade 8

By Grade 8, our students are now confident and passionate learners, and with multiple study trips and Mastery Projects, they are deeply engaged with their learning.




Mead School Graduates Are...

Self-Aware • Self-Advocates • Accountable • Flexible • Resilient • Community Builders

A Mead education is comprehensive and intentional and we commit ourselves to ensuring that every Mead graduate will achieve or surpass the key learning goals as described below.