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Infant lying on her tummy smiling

The Early Learning Center: Infants

As a parent, choosing a child care program is a decision that you will make with all of your heart.

The Infant Center provides a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for our youngest students to grow and explore. We work in partnership with our families to ensure that we provide the highest quality of care and essential flexibility and reliability.

By ensuring a sense of belonging, the Infant Center sets the stage for our youngest community members to develop a secure and positive sense of self in preparation for a successful transition into their toddler years.

Our Overarching Goals

Social and emotional development is the heart of infancy. Experts have broadly concluded "in the early years, nurturing, stable and consistent relationships are the key to healthy growth, development and learning.”

Our teachers understand that a safe, predictable, responsive and nurturing environment is best and work to create rich, trusting relationships with each and every child. We want our infants to feel loved; learn to communicate by using signs and eventually words; show interest in their peers; explore and manipulate a variety of mediums and materials; and begin to develop self-help skills. 

What to Expect

Our teachers use their deep understanding of early childhood growth and development to plan and pace the day. They understand that every child has his/her own unique rhythm, and they honor individual interests, feeding, and nap schedules. 

Nini Dean

Home Center Director,
Infants I

Karina Flores-Garcia

Home Center Director,
Infants II