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On Stage at Mead


Leaning into the creative, expressive arts also means that Mead students have plenty of opportunities to perform.  

We offer our students unique chances to build confidence and stretch beyond comfort zones, forging skills to last a lifetime.


Spring Fling

Spring Fling is the end of year celebration performance at Mead.  

You never know what a new year will bring - maybe Grade 2 students choreograph, Kindergarteners will sing, Middle School students will make indie films - all modes of expression are utilized in this final performance extravaganza of the year.


Stage and Lighting Tech

Running every aspect of a performance at Mead is the job of the students (supported of course by faculty).

 Our students not only perform dramatic works, music, dance, and more - they are also light techs, scenery designers, audio techs, and costume designers.  In performing these roles, students learn important collaboration and technological skills.


Light and Life

Imagine that you and your friends have only one week to dream up and put together a performance festival of artistic expression and ingenuity.

You must imagine and vet every element, then sketch, script, stage, rehearse, and pull it all together, while simultaneously engaging in a week of creative workshops.  And finally, you will display and perform everything you have prepared for all of your friends and families.

A wild, wonderful, and a transformatively powerful lesson in team work, creativity, pragmatism, and the power of resilience, Light and Life is often cited by our grads as one of their most powerful Mead experiences.

Light & Life, considered to be one of Mead's finest community traditions, has K-8 faculty and students step away from usual routines for one week in December (around the time of the winter solstice), and come together to try something that they've never done before, be it dancing, singing, acting, painting sets, managing a light board, designing a costume, or myriad other offerings.  Each Mead student is engaged in activities that grow confidence, test skills, and give everyone the space and time to collaborate closely with faculty and peers.

The goal of the Light & Life evening is not to put on a perfect performance.  It is an opportunity for every student to challenge themselves and experience something new.  It is a moment to take risks, collaborate deeply, and figure out how to 'make it work' under pressure. Light and Life is about working with friends to pull off the seemingly impossible, and is fondly remembered by alumni as one of their most transformative experiences at Mead.