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Athletics at Mead

At The Mead School, active learning is our norm - and what could be more active than athletic endeavor?  

Mead students enjoy a variety of competitive sport opportunities, a robust and fun physical development program, and a faculty leader who is as happy leading a lunchtime dance party as he is coaching on the turf and in the gym!  

Team Sports at Mead 

For competitive team sports, Mead competes against other local private schools.

Fall Trimester: Soccer
Winter Trimester: Basketball
Spring Trimester: Softball and Cross Country

Competitive Team Sports

The benefits of participation in team sports go well beyond the physical.  Students develop confidence as they become more self aware and determined.  Team sports foster leadership skills, respect for rules, sportsmanship, resilience, and camaraderie among teammates, allowing them to nurture stronger friendships.  For all of the above reasons, Mead strongly encourages students to participate in team sports.

Physical Development Program

Physical development is a curricular favorite at Mead!  While it is carefully structured to ensure each student is developing a specific set of skills, it feels like a fun game time.  Please see the curriculum guide below that outlines the goals and process for supporting students to develop healthy physical selves.


Athletics News

6th-8th Soccer Team Plays at Easton Country Day

The 6th-8th soccer team played a very strong game against Easton Country Day on Easton's campus on Thursday. Mead had no substitute players and fought very hard against an equally talented Easton team. It was a valiant loss for us, with a final score of 5-3.

After a year without team sports it's been a joy to see the team play again - and play so well together. Come out to see the team next Wednesday as they take on Eagle Hill School on our home field at 3:45pm.

Middle School Basketball Team Season Ends

Our 6th-8th Grades Basketball Team played an exciting season-ending home game against Easton Country Day School on Thursday. Both teams played hard with lots of energy and team spirit. Easton prevailed 24-20.

Middle School Basketball Team Wins!

Our 6th-8th Grades Basketball Team played at home against Fraser-Woods School on Thursday, and what a game it was! Both teams played well with Mead winning 57-38. Go Mead!

Frank Pollifrone

Physical Development Curriculum Director & Team Sports Coach

Frank Pollifrone joined The Mead School in 2015 and is known for his endless motivational energy and wonderful positive spirit. He leads the students in all Team Sports working with each student to bring out the best in their abilities.