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A World of Experiences

A curriculum steeped in creativity and expressive arts, opportunities to compete in numerous sports, multi-day trips, grand performances, and so much more - learn more about the Mead student experience.

Outdoor Learning

We spend a lot of time outdoors - learning, playing, eating, exploring - whether a STEAM team project, or drama in the amphitheater, learn about Mead's approach to outdoor learning.



Student Trips

Mead grads consistently say that their trips with classmates and faculty were among their most formative experiences!  Learn more about this key differentiator of The Mead School!




Creative Arts

Creative arts are at the heart of The Mead School - literally.  Our students have arts every day, and our large theater, blackbox theater, and art and music studios are at the center of the school.




We believe that it is natural for children to be in motion a lot - and our physical development and athletics programs honor this belief, and are enjoyed by all Mead students.



After School Activities

With different activities every day, and twelve to chose from each year, Mead after school programs offer myriad options for arts, athletics, collaboration, and exploration.


On Stage

Serious Singers, Rock Band, Shakespeare, Spring Fling, Light and Life, and more!  Learn more about our on stage productions.