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An Introduction to Progressive Education

What it is - and what it isn't...

How does it differ from traditional education?

Can a progressive education benefit your child?



Thursday, November 5, 2020

at 5:30 pm via Zoom

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The Mead School is committed to progressive education. Acquiring knowledge is a supple process, not a fixed or linear one.

Mead's committed faculty presents a thoughtful and intentional educational program, exposing students to a rich curriculum that demands complex thinking and offers many avenues for learning. Students work with faculty to become partners in the educational process. By voicing their goals and committing to the process of learning, they become stewards of their own education. The School's educational approach incorporates current findings in neuroscience and educational research about the brain-body connection. A Mead education emphasizes concentration, reasoning, investigation, evaluation, intuition, reflection and decision-making.

Young girls drawing
Because a child's strongest advocate is herself.
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