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Developing Exceptional Children Through Exceptional Support

At The Mead School, we have a long history of meeting students where they are and developing their potential in unique and innovative ways. Now, through the addition of Nexus at Mead, we are able to offer the next level of individual support. 

Combined with existing elements of The Mead School approach to learning, Nexus is an inclusive educational option for twice exceptional children, bright students who have the ability to perform at or above grade level when given the appropriate supports and differentiation. The Nexus program's integration within The Mead School model allows children the opportunities to go deeper into their strengths within and outside of traditional academic areas, which can include the arts, music, drama and STEAM, thus providing an optimal environment for their potential to thrive. 

An integrated educational solution

The Nexus program has been created to serve intellectually capable children with academic, social, or emotional challenges who, with appropriate modification and support, can perform at or above grade level. The Nexus model brings the best we know about child development and education to life.  

Nexus combines specific instruction in identified areas of need within a fully integrated learning environment tailored to the needs and strengths of each student. 

Through a safe and nurturing approach, and with a fully warm and welcoming school environment, Nexus students will develop self-confidence and learn to self-advocate, all essential qualities of a Mead education.






Exceptional education 

Every parent knows child development is not linear. The ride can be bumpy, with skills and tool-sets developing unevenly, making a standard school environment a difficult place to thrive. Difficulty in school is rarely linked to intellectual capacity, but rather a need for a differentiated learning environment.

At Mead, we understand that a differentiated learning environment with small class sizes and tailored supports can make all the difference, and Nexus offers all the elements that twice exceptional students need to succeed.

The Nexus program has been developed to serve children with language-based challenges (including expressive and/or receptive language), ADD/ADHD, auditory processing or sensory processing challenges, anxiety, high-functioning ASD, and social communication challenges. With the supports and full inclusion the program provides, Nexus students can grow confidence, love school, and achieve their full potential.


The Nexus Range of Services


Multi Sensory Approach
Orton Gillingham Instruction
One-On-One Time
Executive Functioning Support
Social Skills Curriculum
Speech & Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Differentiated instruction open to all

The Mead School values are manifested in an embrace of diversity, a strong social/emotional curriculum, and broad offerings in the expressive arts and STEAM, resulting in students learning how to self-advocate and develop agency. This type of provision makes Nexus a perfect addition that will offer benefits for all Mead students, not just those following the full Nexus program.

Through the introduction of a range of individually available services, all Mead students will have the opportunity to access specific additional support should they ever need it. 

From speech therapy to occupational therapy or academic support, the opportunity will exist for all Mead families to access Nexus resources.

Benefits for the wider school community

The Nexus program will benefit ALL Mead students and promises to be one of the most important innovations of the Mead experience.  The benefits of Nexus include:

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Nexus at Mead values continuing education for all. Our monthly Newsletter, Nexus News, provides content to deepen the understanding of various topics in support of our students' growth. 

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Lisa Corner,


Former Director of Educational Resources and PALS at Carmel Academy, Lisa Corner is a special educator with 22 years of deep experience using many social, emotional, and behavioral curricular approaches. She began her career teaching adolescents, subsequently segueing to early childhood education when she joined the team of the Therapeutic Nursery (TN) at the Tenafly JCC in New Jersey. There, she led the program that included Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and intense focus on social-emotional learning, while running multiple social skills groups for children of all ages. 

Lisa is thrilled to bring her experience and love of learning and brain research to The Mead School. She also brings a strong ethical commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, a dedication to caregivers as team members, an attentiveness to staff innovation, growth and well-being, and a passion for being part of and giving back to the community.  Lisa aptly states, "The Mead School values and supports deep social emotional learning, respect, and a love of curiosity and innovation at its core, making it a perfect home for our program, Nexus at Mead".

Syndy Margot,

Speech-Language Pathologist

Since graduating with her Master's degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2004, Syndy has had the opportunity to develop her skills as a pediatric speech-language pathologist both locally and abroad. Having worked at Eagle Hill School in Greenwich, Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego, and a number of international schools in Geneva, Switzerland, she has developed an appreciation for diverse backgrounds and learning styles. She enjoys helping children develop their social skills and their academic-based language abilities with a collaborative and multi-sensory approach.

In her spare time, Syndy enjoys playing with her four-year-old twins, running, gardening, and jamming on her ukulele and drums. She is very excited to be an integral member of Nexus at Mead!

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Admissions Process for Nexus

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