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Staff vs Students in The Annual Mega Bowl!

The Mead School "Mega Bowl" took place this morning and the community witnessed Staff face-off against Students in a fast-paced and competitive game of basketball!  The teachers prevailed with a score of 50-38.

The event began with special introductions of the teams and our special guest player, Captain Sue!

During the half time show, we were entertained by the Mead School Spirit Club and their rousing cheer! There was also the Hot Shot halftime contest!

A special thanks to Coach Frank Pollifrone who orchestrated this yearly community event!

The Mead School, dedicated to a personalized and experiential learning approach that inspires and challenges students to achieve deep learning and become independent, creative thinkers, is excited to announce a partnership with AltSchool.

The Mead School is collaborating with AltSchool to utilize its teacher-built and student-driven teaching and learning platform in classrooms, starting during the upcoming academic year.

We are committed to setting the standard in progressive education for children, six weeks old to eighth grade. The school's approach is built upon cognitive and developmental research that shows that individualized, experiential learning provides the most rewarding education for children. Achieving this goal requires attention to each child emotionally, socially, and intellectually, which led Mead to partner with AltSchool.

AltSchool's approach is designed as a comprehensive partnership that includes a personalized learning platform as well as ongoing support, training, and services for the teachers. The AltSchool platform is a complete software system that provides students with transparency into long-term goals and day-to-day activities. The tools help teachers key-in on individual student learning, heighten the visibility parents have into their children's education, and allow teachers, parents, and administrators to track student progress. AltSchool is unique in that it runs its own small network of schools and works closely with educators and engineers in designing its platform to help ensure that teachers have the support and tools they need to optimize their teaching practice.

"The Mead School is committed to delivering each child an educational experience that celebrates individuality and allows students to pursue passions and drive their learning, all while nurturing their social and emotional development," said Stephanie Whitney, Mead's Head of School. "Our school's values align with AltSchool's founding principles so we're excited to begin this partnership and use the platform to deliver modernized education in a meaningful way."

The AltSchool platform will enhance The Mead School's ability to do the following:

●Tailor curriculum for students

●Set and manage personal student goals

●Document learning experiences for reflection and educator assessment

●Assess knowledge, skills, and habits against established milestones

●Provide insightful views of student progress for educators

●Assess and help students develop non-cognitive skills such as self-control, resilience, curiosity and purpose

●Communicate seamlessly with parents

"We're excited to welcome The Mead School as a new partner school into the AltSchool network to help fulfill our mission of making the best education, through thoughtful integration of today's technology, the most available," said Max Ventilla, founder and CEO of AltSchool. "Our goal is to accelerate learning by developing a platform driven by educators to aid teachers who believe that personalized education is critical for student success."

The Mead School joins AltSchool's network of 14 partner schools, including public school districts and independent schools.