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Grades 4 & 5 On The Farm

The 4th & 5th Grades students, along with three faculty members, spent 3 days on Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, NY. The trip was full of fun with a healthy dose of physically challenging work for the students.

The days began at 6:00AM with a quick snack before chores. Each morning the children milked cows, fed goats and chickens and tended to other chores that need to be done on a working farm. Students helped to make their breakfast and, after clean-up, there were two hours of activities which included a rotation through a garden lesson, a chicken and eggs lesson, understanding of life on a farm / life-cycle lesson, local ecology, bread baking, and cheesemaking. Evening chores preceded dinner followed by some fun activities, including a campfire. At 9:00PM it was "lights out" for the tired but happy group.