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Grade 8

Students in eighth grade enjoy being the leaders of their school as they plan their next steps with confidence.

This is a time of both great excitement, and a tinge of melancholy, as our students in Grade 8 revel in their immersive experiences even as they prepare for their journey to Hight School and beyond.  Mead’s eldest students are challenged to stretch themselves in many ways - a multi-month, multi-faceted Graduation Mastery Project, as leaders in the Shakespeare production and other school productions, and as role models for their peers.  Each day provides new opportunities to  take on the responsibilities that come with emerging as independent and confident learners.

One Grade 8 example of our uniquely immersive and timely curriculum.

In 8th Grade, students tackle civil rights, beginning with the framing questions "What constitutes social justice and how does change happen in America?"

The focus zooms in on voting rights, with special activities including a reenactment of a voter registration experience from the  period of the Mississippi fight for voting rights, a research project focusing on the use of primary source documents, an oratory project, and a study of the sources of oppression, power, and privilege.