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Grade 7

Students in seventh grade are embracing passions and maximizing the value of experiences.

Awareness of their role in their community increases as Grade 7 students immerse in a challenging and collaborative curriculum including chemistry, physics, higher levels of mathematics, and more.  Now settled in to Middle School, students are encouraged to take risks and dare to fail as they further develop fearless curiosity.  Seventh graders continue to practice advocating for themselves and taking ownership of their learning, individual interests continue to be honored, and multiple-day study trips and school productions hone collaboration and leadership skills.

One Grade 7 example of our uniquely immersive and timely curriculum.

7th Grade at Mead is the kick-off of a two-year study of Social Justice, with a deep dive into immigration.  Students study immigration to America, and the immigrant and refugee experience in a variety of time and geographies, via primary and secondary sources.  Curriculum is interdisciplinary, with students reading historical novels on themes of immigration.  The immigration study culminates in a poster presentation of individual ancestry projects, and all of the students take the US citizenship exam.