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The objectives of teaching at The Mead School include: tailoring each student's program to his or her needs, interests and abilities; nurturing life-long learners; promoting independence and dependability; and enhancing the student's social skills and sense of responsibility towards others.

Current open positions are posted below.

The Mead School actively seeks and hires candidates of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds/origin.

Child Care Teacher

Position(s) Available:  Infants, Toddlers and Preschool Teachers

Experience: 3+ years experience providing care for young children in a classroom setting. 

Knowledge: Should possess sound understanding of early childhood growth and development; curriculum planning; positive guidance techniques and room arrangement for children ranging in age from 3 months to 5 years. 

Responsibilities: Include but are not limited to:  Working in conjunction with a teaching team to maintain a physically safe, clean and healthy learning environment that provides a developmentally appropriate and anti-bias curriculum. and supports each child's emotional, social, cognitive, creative and physical development.

Personality: Candidates must have a warm and approachable manner, be able to take direction well and be quick to learn. Should possess a strong positive energy and communicate well with others. Must be a team player with strong interpersonal skills, trustworthy and maintain strict confidentiality standards.

Education:  Bachelor or Associate Degree preferred.  CDA or equivalent accepted. 

Hours:  6:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, September through August. We offer competitive salary and benefits.

This position is available immediately.

Contact: Robyn Santagata, Assistant Head of School FOR
Early Learning:

Language Arts Teacher, Grades 3-5 

seek a skilled, innovative language arts teacher for a multifaceted role. The candidate must have experience teaching Upper Elementary or Early Middle School children, for Grades 3-5. 

Candidates for this job will excel at collaborating with a small, dedicated faculty in a school that values the social and emotional development of children as part of its mission.

Candidates should have 7+ years of experience and a Masters Degree in Language Arts, Teaching, or Special Education.


As a small school with class sizes ranging from 5-12, we seek candidates who: 

  • can adapt curriculum to small groups of capable children with a range of interests and challenges
  • are skilled at teaching the writing process  
  • have experience choosing and teaching texts that are engaging and diverse in their vision of the world
  • can collaborate with other Language Arts teachers to design curriculum and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching approaches
  • are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice
  • have a solid understanding of project based learning and a constructivist approach to learning
  • have a solid understanding of how to incorporate technology to support student learning
  • can provide differentiated instruction based on the learning modalities of students

To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest (explaining why you are interested in the position in this school)  to:


Speech and Language Pathologist, Part-time

We are looking for a part time, innovative Speech/Language Pathologist to support and facilitate the personal, social, and academic development of our pre-k-8 grade students supported by the Nexus at Mead program. Working in cooperation with teachers, parents, and students,  this person will be responsible for providing diagnostic and individual intervention services for students with speech, language and social pragmatic challenges within a progressive inclusion model. Therapist will meet with students individually, small groups or as push in support. 

Nexus is an Inclusion program for neuro-diverse students within a model of progressive education. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Nexus, the para-educator or assistant teacher,  supports students in their educational program while being mindful of an inclusive philosophy. 


  1. Graduate of an accredited Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) therapy program 

  2. Current state licensure         

  3. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills


  • Assess, screen, and evaluate students 

  • Support the philosophy and vision of the Nexus at Mead inclusion program

  • Develop and implement goals for students with speech and social pragmatic challenges 

  • Provide direct and consultative therapeutic services related to expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of child growth and development and individual student needs by providing relevant instruction and support

  • Provide consultative services for school staff by sharing and demonstrating specific techniques and working with the  school team to facilitate relevant and consistent interventions for targeted students 

  • Work with student strengths and interests to run social groups with peers

  • Maintain records and information concerning individual students in the prescribed confidential manner and using the records and information only for the purposes for which they are maintained according to FERPA guidelines 

  • Communicate and collaborate with parents and the school community for the purpose of fostering individual student success and growth while engaging the families in the therapy program 

  • Maintain and submit information/records including student progress for all students 

To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest (explaining why you are interested in the position in this school)  to:


Math Teacher & Curriculum Director,
Grades 6-8

We seek a skilled, Middle School Math teacher and curriculum director with experience teaching across a wide spectrum of students and curriculum.

The Mead School Math Curriculum Director for Grades 6-8 is responsible for math placement, curriculum development, instruction, assessment, and extended classroom activities associated with grades 6-8 (our Middle School)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Include, but are not limited to, the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Provide meaningful academic instruction in the subject area appropriate to the readiness and goals of Mead students, insuring that the curriculum map and schedule are followed. In any given year, this may include: Grade 6 Math, Grade 7 Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry programs, and Applied Math Mastery Challenges.
  • Plan class activities, incorporating concrete materials, technology, textbooks, indoor spaces, and outdoor spaces, to meet both the educational goals and the needs of the range of learners in each class. Activities should have a strong experiential and complex problem-solving dimension. Modifications for remote learning may be required in response to external conditions.
  • Provide constructive feedback to students regarding class and homework assignments, formative and summative assessments using the school’s learning management platform, and submit formal reports on a trimester basis. Recommend remediation actions and/or diagnostic needs to the Home Center Director and parents/guardians.
  • Confer regularly with math and science colleagues regarding curriculum topics, including PD activities, and group brainstorm about student problem(s).
  • Participate in scheduled parent-teacher conferences and present Math program overview at annual Parent Evening.
  • Write math recommendations for outplacement students and provide feedback to Admissions regarding personal observations of student candidates.
  • Confer regularly with colleagues about cross-curricular opportunities and projects.
  • Attend weekly Staff Meetings after school.
  • Identify needs and participate in ongoing professional development.
  • Serve as a mentor and classroom observer for the two other math instructors, K-5.

A Mead School teacher:

  • Exhibits enthusiasm for their subject area(s) and partners with learners for success
  • Collaborates as a team player with faculty, administration, and other staff
  • Is reliable, modeling self-disciplined and ethical behavior
  • Is flexible, often following to adapting to a child’s lead, interest, or need
  • Is innovative, rarely satisfied with conventional way of learning or pre-digested curriculum
  • Supports the school by participating in school-sponsored events and activities
  • Sees the school as a community of learners, ever growing and evolving together

Other Aptitudes:

  • Tech Savvy, with basic programming skills preferred
  • Curriculum design experience preferred
  • B.A plus credits towards an advanced degree required.

To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest (explaining why you are interested in the position in this school)  to:


Pre-Kindergarten Teacher,
Home Center Director 


As a Home Center Director (HCD) you are expected to work closely with Mead’s Administration  to lead your teaching team in this program’s effort to provide high quality early childhood education and care.  Our PreK is developing as an entry point for the trajectory from PreK to Grade 8. You are responsible for the overall safety and care of the children in your center, the supervision of your team, and managing daily center operations.  It is your job to have the broadest understanding of each child’s development and overall experience and effectively manage communication between home and school. It is your job to communicate consistently with your teaching team throughout the year.  It is critical that you share your thoughts and observations in general and especially when questions or concerns arise.  Regardless of your position, we are all working members of the same team and therefore responsible, at all times, for the physical and emotional safety of every child we enroll, as well as the successful operation of this program.  

*Please note, throughout this document, the term “teaching team” includes any Home Center Director, Curriculum Teacher, Floater, Expressive Arts Teacher, Sub and/or Volunteer working in or with your center.


  • BA required; M.A. preferred.  
  • 5+ years experience in the field or related area, in work with elementary or preschool children

  •  Strong interpersonal skills; must possess the ability to work in collaboration with others

  •  Strong organizational and supervisory skills, which includes effective communication and detail orientation.

  • Experience teaching early learning or elementary school math, reading, and social skills

  • Understanding of diverse learning styles and differentiated instruction preferred 

  • Proficient computer skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Specific job duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:  

 1.      Establish and maintain:

  • A physically safe, clean, and healthy learning environment, both inside and out, to prevent injury and reduce illness.   
  • A consistent, predictable, responsive, and well-organized environment, intentionally prepared to meet the evolving needs of students, foster emotional security, and encourage appropriate behavior.
  •  An inclusive environment that values and honors each child’s gender identity, race, culture, family, language, and learning style to nurture a positive and strong sense of self.
  •  An environment that provides a developmentally appropriate and anti-bias curriculum and supports each child’s emotional, social, cognitive, creative, and physical development.
  • The use of welcoming and loving language to foster an environment of kindness and empathy

2.      Identify and record each student’s strengths and opportunities for growth in conjunction with your teaching team.

Guide your team to create and maintain a portfolio for each child.  Record thoughts, observations, and parent feedback.  Include pictures and/or samples of each child’s work to help track growth and development.  

3.      Nurture a positive and productive relationship with each family in your center through open and direct communication.

  • Work with each family to understand their values, needs and concerns. 
  • Communicate with each family so that they have a clear understanding of what their child’s experience is like while in our care.   
  • Aid families in creating appropriate goals for their child.
  • Create 2-3 distinct opportunities for parents to come in and meet with you throughout the year.  Be responsible for communicating with parents, as often as is necessary, via phone calls; e-mails; and additionally scheduled meetings to ensure that they always have a clear picture of their child’s experience and development.

4.      Create an atmosphere of collaboration with your teaching team by initiating and maintaining open and direct communication.

  • Appropriately incorporate your team’s questions, comments, suggestions, and observations into your communication with parents and administration.
  • Provide the individual members of your team with appropriate feedback regarding their performance. 
  • Hold weekly center meetings with your teaching team.  Meeting topics will include but are not limited to: (1) Weekly Reflections (2) Kid Time and (3) Curriculum Planning.   Date and time of weekly meetings will be determined at the beginning of each program year.  

6.      Order and maintain educational materials and supplies.

Manage your center’s budget for educational materials and supplies.  Order new materials and supplies

7.   Maintain a commitment to professionalism:

  • Take advantage of opportunities to improve your understanding of early childhood care and education.

  • Keep informed of new developments regarding early childhood practice, research, and legislation.

  • Keep all information shared by children, their families, and staff confidential.

  • Know and act in accordance with the NAEYC’s Code of Ethical conduct.

  • Read through the program’s employees and family handbooks to familiarize yourself with this program’s policies, procedures, and expectations.

Other Job Requirements

  • Membership in at least two (2) professional early childhood organizations.

  • Professional development is required of all HCDs including Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, Child Abuse and Neglect, and the use of an Epi-Pen.  Additional professional development needs will be considered on an individual basis.

  • Attendance is required at all center meetings, faculty  meetings, staff development days, orientation events, open houses, and any other function pertaining to the successful operation of this program.

Work Schedule and Calendar

While PreK is part of the K-8 team, its schedule shares elements of the Early Learning Center. All  Teachers are expected to work a 37.5 hour work week – 8.5 hours per day, Monday through Friday, according to this program’s yearly calendar.  Individual shifts will vary, depending on enrollment and needs of the center,  and may be slightly adjusted to provide optimal student to teacher ratios.

  • All PreK team members are entitled to a 60-minute lunch break five days per week. The normal term of contract is 43 weeks. 

Salary Schedule

  • All teachers will be paid in 12 monthly installments on the 25th of each month as described in the staff handbook.    

  • Increases will be considered as contracts are renewed each year. They will be based on (1) An individual’s ability to fulfill his or her job description successfully, (2) An individual’s ability to work towards professional growth and (3) The overall increase made to the salary budget by the School’s Board of Trustees.  


  • All members or PreK’s teaching team  (CTs,  Floaters, Specials Teachers) are supervised by you in coordination with the Head of School.  You are supervised by the Head of School as a member of the PreK through Grade 8 faculty.    

To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest (explaining why you are interested in the position in this school)  to:


The Mead School's policy is to provide equal opportunity for all applicants and employees. The Mead School complies with all federal, state, and local laws, which prohibit discrimination because of race, color, national origin, citizenship, age, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and veteran status.