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Welcome to Pre-K

Mead's Pre-K curriculum provides students with a wide range of engaging and fun hands-on learning experiences through play.  At this age, students become active listeners and participants in their own learning, and our curriculum focuses on developing strong school skills and the endless curiosity, creativity, and caring of these excited young learners.

Overarching Goals

Our overarching goal is to nurture Pre-K students who are able to do the following at a developmentally appropriate level:

  • Demonstrate a sense of self and accept responsibility for themselves
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Identify similarities and value differences
  • Function effectively as individuals and as a members of a group
  • Participate easily in routine activities
  • Demonstrate increasing independence
  • Increasingly acquire learning and problem-solving skills
  • Expand logical thinking skills
  • Develop beginning reading, writing and math skills
  • Practice and hone fine and gross motor skills
  • Use creativity and imagination in all activities
  • Demonstrate curiosity and a desire to learn

For greater detail on the academic/pre-academic curriculum, please see our detailed curriculum guide below.

What to Expect

Although children follow generally predictable patterns of development, the timing of actual manifestation of any skill is unique to each child. Thus, at Mead, our experienced teachers get to know every child very well, and create developmentally appropriate goals both for the classroom as a whole and for each student, tailoring learning opportunities to individuals. This results in a rich curriculum and classroom environment, designed to link both social/emotional competency and early academic learning.

Jessica Pangerl

Home Center Director,


Pre-K Curriculum Guide