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The K-2 Experience at Mead

We welcome our excited 'big kid' students into a learning environment that is fun, warm, and highly engaging, and meet each child where they are in their own academic, social, and emotional growth. 

The main goal for the curriculum within these age groups is to provide a wide and stimulating range of hands-on, enjoyable learning experiences that engage creativity, excite curiosity, inspire deep caring and increasing collaboration, and help our students begin their fearless journey to deep learning.


Kindergarten Overview

 In Kindergarten, our overarching goal is for students to build their independent skills while also nurturing a curiosity and appreciation of learning within the classroom community. For Kindergartners, it is important to learn how to be in school, how to follow a schedule, “show up” for a teacher-directed experience, and participate with and support their fellow students. Teachers capitalize on students’ innate curiosity & creativity, build stamina, cultivate problem-solving, and develop each students’ skills navigating as a peer and in the community. 

Grade 1 Overview

In Grade 1, we build upon the skills we introduced the previous year.  At this point, students are familiar with school behaviors and expectations. This is the year we begin to “dig into” and help develop good habits.





Grade 2 Overview

Grade 2 students develop a new independence and sense of responsibility. The students experience the school differently, as they travel to some classes from the Home Center and manage classroom materials (notebooks, pencils, etc). Friendships and trust for their fellow students deepen, and advocating more independently for themselves becomes second nature.