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The Early Learning Center: Toddlers 

Here come the movers, shakers, and endlessly curious explorers!  With three distinct Toddler Centers for students ranging in age from 12-36 months, we are ready for the fun!

Our curriculum is carefully crafted from year to year to reflect the ever-changing needs of the students in each of our toddler centers.   Each of our three toddler centers is a well-planned learning environment with developmentally appropriate materials and furnishings.  

Our Overarching Goals

During the toddler years we want children to feel supported as they explore their new-found independence; develop their voice;  learn to express their feelings in appropriate ways; respond to the feelings of others: expand their receptive and expressive language skills; show interest in their peers and the world around them; engage in pretend play;  begin to regulate their behavior; learn to be a member of a group; gain an understanding of basic concepts and relationships; show an awareness of pictures and print; explore and manipulate a variety of mediums and materials; develop self-help skills and strategies for problem solving; and continue to grow their fine and gross motors skills.  

What to Expect

Our Toddler teachers continue to nurture trusting relationships and support positive separation from parents/guardians, providing a bridge between a toddler's conflicting need for security and independence.

As children transition from the Infant Center, individual nap and feeding schedules are replaced with predictable and consistent routines where the needs of individuals and the needs of the group are consistently evaluated for optimal balance.

Karen Guerrero

Home Center Director,
Toddler 1


Jessica Santagata

Home Center Director,
Toddler 2


Cheryl Grosso

Home Center Director,
Toddler 1