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The Early Learning Center: Preschool

We are ready for the next set of adventures!  In Preschool, our Mead early learners start to come into their own - communicating, advocating, and absorbing at full speed.

The preschool years are an expansive time, and an ideal time for exploration. Growing skills allow students to explore and interact with their environment, making this stage of development a very exciting time for students and teachers alike. Our Preschool students have the opportunity to participate in specials, including Physical Education and Music.

Our Overarching Goals

As in all of our centers, our Preschool teachers spend time getting to know every child very well.   With a robust sense of their students, the teachers create developmentally appropriate goals for the classroom as a whole, and tailor learning opportunities for individual students, resulting in a rich curriculum and classroom environment designed to link both social and emotional competency and early academic learning. 

We want our Preschool students to demonstrate a sense of self; to accept responsibility for themselves and respect the rights of others; to identify similarities and value differences; to function effectively as an individual and as a member of a group; to participate easily in routine activities; to demonstrate increasing independence; to acquire learning and problem-solving skills; to expand logical thinking skills; to develop beginning reading, writing and math skills; to demonstrate an increase in fine and gross motor skills; to use creativity and imagination; and to demonstrate curiosity and a desire to learn.

What to Expect

Jennifer Petersen

Home Center Director,
Preschool 1

Julia Moylan

Home Center Director,
Preschool 2