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2022-23 ELC Protocols for COVID-19 and other Viral Respiratory Diseases

Ensuring a safe learning environment for our community.


Responsible & Informed Operating Plan

Last spring, schools, child care programs and youth camps began the transition away from executive orders to local decision-making. The CDC continues to offer guidance for COVID-19 prevention. The Department of Public Health, in conjunction with the State Department of Education and the Office of Early Childhood, supports CDC guidance and also recognizes the severe impact that staying at home for long periods of time can have on student achievement and engagement. As a result, DPH offers guidance in the context of local conditions, to balance respiratory disease prevention measures, while maximizing in-person child care and learning opportunities for children. This guidance relies on the fact that students test for COVID-19 each and every day when symptoms of a MILD respiratory disease are present. Unfortunately, it does not require testing for any other viral respiratory disease, such as RSV and Influenza, which are on the rise, and significantly so. For the time being, our updated protocols have taken this into consideration.  

PAGE UPDATED:  October 28, 2022

The following Health & Safety Measures have been implemented to support the safe operations of the Early Learning Program, Infants-Preschool. Please click on the individual buttons for detailed information.

Our protocols and procedures are carefully designed to help ensure that our students and staff remain safe.

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There is no doubt that illness has made a triumphant return, post pandemic. Staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for a minimum of five days. Knowing this is a possibility at any point throughout the year makes it challenging to navigate the other illnesses we typically see in early childhood settings. Most working families do not have an unlimited supply of paid time off to devote to illness, and, as a  result, it can be difficult to ascertain when to keep children home. We understand this AND also want to do all that we can to refrain from modifying program hours or closing for the day due to widespread staff illness.  

Please click on the individual buttons for detailed information.