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#MeadLearnsOn: Our Distance Learning Experience

Discovery & Growth

The 2020 Spring Term Distance Learning period was one of Discovery & Growth - for our students, staff, and as a full community.

Through our blended learning platform with Altitude Learning, as well as the innovative creativity of our teachers, our faculty and students were empowered to utilize technology to enhance teaching and learning in a virtual environment that further strengthened the sense of community and unique educational experience of The Mead School.  

We were thrilled to return to campus-based learning in the fall, but we remain committed to offering an outstanding Distance Learning Experience for those students unable to join us - or a situation where circumstances demand that change. 

Our Guiding Principles for Distance Learning

  • Every decision we make as a school must have student engagement as the goal.
  • Relationships are vital to learning. Live touch-points and purposeful and responsive feedback is key.
  • Students’ sense of self-determination as learners requires that they have meaningful choices.
  • Holding the needs of our most vulnerable learners at the center helps to ensure that all learners are cared for.


Perspectives from Parents

The Altschool platform helps a lot to keep assignments organized and clear. It’s easy to navigate and to turn in assignments. Communication has been great - teachers have all been very responsive and helpful. The work load is well balanced and provides enough of a stretch for our daughter without overwhelming her.

The morning email/message is fantastic! It really gets our daughter's day off to a positive start and helps her feel connected. I also like that our teacher lays out the day - very helpful to make sure we are organized and to verify that we have everything on the calendar correctly.

We are very grateful to the teachers and administration who navigated (aka worked their tails off!) thru the past few months with grace and humor. We hope to return to in-person in September, but we are confident that an online learning situation (or a hybrid) will not mean less learning for my son. 

Most impressive to me was how Mead was able to keep ALL the classes and most of the spring traditions going. Art, music, physical development, drama, and the Spring Fling performance were adapted creatively for the screen/home environment in addition to flexible and reimagined math, marine science, language arts, Spanish and social studies.

Mead Learns On was a success for my 6th grader. He felt supported, engaged, accountable once he got the hang of it, which did not take long because the school had already adopted the Altitude Learning Platform. His schedule was customized and it allowed him to interact often with his classmates and teachers, keeping his connection to the community strong.

Early on, we observed Camryn's commitment and engagement to her online studies. She has never really been excited about Zoom calls or online classes- but the interaction and discussion, coupled with the Altitude Learning assignments, produced a comprehensive learning approach.  Thank you!

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