The Mead School


What is the Parent Association?

Every Mead family belongs to the Parent Association. The Parent Association provides social and educational opportunities throughout the year. Our purpose is to create camaraderie within the Mead community, to facilitate communication, and to support the school financially.

Through active involvement, parents and guardians contribute their voice, energy, and ideas.

Being present at meetings and functions conveys a commitment to our children’s education. Parent Association meetings are open to all Mead parents and guardians.

Ways to get involved

Volunteering is a wonderful way to make new friends and to learn more about our school. Parents volunteer as PA officers and general volunteers, as well as Home Center Parents, Committee Chairpersons and members of various PA Committees.

  • The Parent Association Board is comprised of the Executive Officers, Committee Chairs, and Home Center Parents.
  • In March, nominations are accepted for the following year's Parent Association Board. All nominations are to be endorsed by nominated individuals.
  • A list of candidates for the Co-Presidency is presented to the Trusteeship Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval prior to said election.
  • The Executive Officers are elected by ballot in the Spring.


2021-22 Parent Association