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What is the Parent Association?

Every Mead family belongs to the Parent Association. The Parent Association provides social and educational opportunities throughout the year. Our purpose is to create camaraderie within the Mead community, to facilitate communication, and to support the school financially.

Through active involvement, parents and guardians contribute their voice, energy, and ideas. Being present at meetings and functions conveys a commitment to our children’s education.

Volunteering is also a wonderful way to make new friends and to learn more about our school. Parents volunteer as PA officers and general volunteers, as well as Home Center Parents, Committee Chairpersons and members of various PA Committees.

Parent Association monthly meetings and get-togethers are run by the Parent Association Executive Committee. See calendar for specific dates. All parents are welcome!

Parent Association Committees


This committee plans and orchestrates our major annual fundraising event.

Home Center Parents

Each grade has Home Center Parents who organize social get-togethers, support the needs of the parents, guardians and teachers, and act as coordinators for various PA events.

Mead Merchandise

This committee selects, orders, and sells (and buys!) Mead School spirit wear and products. It's a great way to support the school AND display our school spirit!


Community Events

Our parents organize a range of events and activities throughout the school year - some for the whole community and others aimed specifically at either children or adults. 

  • Pie Sale: Delicious pies just in time for the holidays! Fundraiser runs October 1, 2023-October 23, 2023; Pie pick-up November 9th 
  • Fundraiser: Year-long initiative. Bring in your used sneakers and GotSneakers will send us a donation!
  • Community Potluck Dinner: Friday, February 23, 2024
  • Staff Appreciation Week: Annual event to show appreciation for our faculty and staff. Parents will be asked to contribute food or donations to help in the celebration.
  • Book Fair, Parent Gatherings, Center Playdates, and more!

Join the Parent Association

We welcome proactive offers of help from all members of our community. 

If you would like to volunteer to become actively involved in the Parent's Association please complete this form and someone will reach out to you soon.


The Parent Association Board

  • The Parent Association Board is comprised of the Executive Officers, Committee Chairs, and Home Center Parents.
  • In March, nominations are accepted for the following year's Parent Association Board. All nominations are to be endorsed by nominated individuals.
  • A list of candidates for the Co-Presidency is presented to the Trusteeship Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval prior to said election.
  • The Executive Officers are elected by ballot in the Spring.

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