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School Policies

Our policies provide critical guidance to support day-to-day operations and help ensure that our School environment is safe and productive for learning. 

The Mead School reserves the right to revise, rescind, and supplement any and all policies and procedures contained herein whenever it deems such changes appropriate. All such changes will be communicated through official notices.  Any such changes may supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies and/or procedures.

The Mead School Student Code of Conduct

The Mead School is a community of students, teachers, staff and parents, working together to embrace and promote The Seven School Skills of Respect, Act, Receive, Imagine, Think, Intuit and Express. 

The Mead School expects our community, whether on or off campus, to:

  • Demonstrate respect for self and others.

  • Demonstrate courtesy to others by respecting the dignity, rights and differences of all community members through words and actions.

  • Be responsible, be prepared and be ready to honor commitments.

  • Contribute to an atmosphere that promotes learning.

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Respect school property, and the property of self and others.

  • Practice self-discipline, and conduct oneself with integrity.

  • Use personal and school technology responsibly.

  • Advocate for and support members of the community.

  • Conduct oneself with integrity, honesty, and courtesy.

  • Adhere to community agreements and norms.



Discipline Policy

Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Freedom of Expression




Guidelines and Policies for Educational Technology, including email, can be found on the Educational Technology page.