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A Return to Live Performance! Spring Fling 2022

A Return to Live Performance! Spring Fling 2022

Spring Fling has been a fixture at The Mead School for more than 40 years. A culmination of the Music and Drama programs, it is a chance for the Tech crew, and all the students, to share their work and learn how to stage an effective and dynamic performance. Some of the elements we study are stage presence, overcoming stage fright, enunciation, and ensemble work.

Spring Fling is about every individual experiencing something new, and championing friends’ efforts in an uncertain space. It’s about “giving it your best shot” - even if it’s hard and maybe even a little bit scary. It’s about applauding for your friends and family members who have taken a risk by stepping onto the stage for the first time. It’s as much about stretching and trying as it is about collaborating with friends and teachers in a unique and magical way. Many alumni have reported that some of their fondest memories of Mead include the excitement of performing at Spring Fling!

On Thursday night The Canning Family Theatre came alive once again for the first performance since December 2019. The students performed for a packed house of families, friends, and alumni who were presented with an entertaining assortment of acts including Improv, Rock Bands, Performance Art, Sword Swallowing, and the traditional singing of the Mead School song by all students, staff and alumni guests.

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