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Pre-K Planets: Exploration & Imagination!

Pre-K Planets: Exploration & Imagination!

Inspired by the 3-4-5 Cohort's study of planets and their displays in the hallways, the Pre-K class is experimenting and exploring outer space. This workshop highlighted what students know, and also what they imagine about planets. 

The workshop began with the ideas of momentum and gravity, which were reinforced in a few of the play tables with which students were able to interact and experiment. Then, each child was given the opportunity to create their own two-dimensional planet by selecting different sizes of circles, and using markers and/or crayons to create the surface of their planet.

When each child was finished creating their design, the teachers asked, "What is the name of your planet?", and, "What is on your planet?" CLICK HERE to watch a short video of a student describing his planet.

Now the center has its very own board on display with each planet and its description attached. Way to go, Pre-K!