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Pre-K Spreads Kindness

Pre-K Spreads Kindness

One child in the K-1-2 center recently created a picture to share and gift to Pre-K. The Pre-K class thought this was such a lovely idea that they decided to start their own "kindness project". The project has included wonderful gestures across our entire school. 

The Pre-K teachers asked the children "What does it mean to be Kind?", and each child has had the opportunity to draw a picture that expresses their thoughts and feelings about kindness. The students worked hard on their pictures and decided to share them with the whole Community.

During the past two weeks the Pre-K students have delivered their kindness messages to teachers, administrators, and other children throughout the school. Each note has brought unexpected joy to others. Within the envelope are instructions on how the recipient can then return a note of kindness to Pre-K, via a mailbox that the students created themselves.

Click HERE for a sampling of photos from Pre-K's special deliveries.