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Pre-K Earth Day Celebration

Pre-K Earth Day Celebration

All year round our Pre-K students are provided opportunities to talk about how each of us makes a difference in our world. On Earth Day this year, the weather was absolutely perfect to enjoy lots of outside time and learn how we can protect our environment through our actions. The class talked about the importance of taking only what is needed from the forest, and planting seeds to help make the world a better place. 

Pre-K began their celebration of Earth Day with a nature scavenger hunt! The children grabbed a clipboard, a marker, and a scavenger hunt checklist and walked around the campus grounds to find grass, tree bark, rocks, trees, and more. The students absolutely love taking nature walks and exploring the environment.

Chris also led the class in an Earth Day recycling-sorting workshop, providing students with three bins: one for reusing materials to create artwork with, a blue recycling bin, and a scrap-paper bin. Each child then sorted an item into one of the three bins. 

The class looks forward to sharing new information about the environment as we spend more and more time in our outdoor spaces during one of our favorite seasons at Mead...SPRING!

CLICK HERE for photos of Pre-K's Earth Day 2022!