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Pre-K "All About Me" Project

Pre-K "All About Me" Project

Our Pre-K students have been immersed in an "All About Me" project this month, which combines so many wonderful aspects of the program including creativity, self-awareness, appreciation for diversity, writing skills, and even public speaking! 

During story time the class has been reading books that highlight different cultures, and this has led to engaging conversations about who the students are as individuals and all of the similarities and differences in the classroom.

Each student has created a "self-portrait" poster of their full body with lots of attention to detail! They selected the appropriate paint to match their skin tone, traced their own fingers onto paper, and chose yarn for their hair. They first looked into a mirror to determine their hair color, trimmed the yarn with scissors to match the appropriate length, and were assisted by their teachers to replicate hair texture before they glued the yarn to their portraits.

The project has culminated by students each taking a turn presenting their portraits to the class. Once each presentation is complete, the self-portraits are hung in the classroom for all to enjoy.

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