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Museum of Learning

Museum of Learning

Families in Pre-K-Grade 7 gathered on campus today to view and learn about their children's projects in our second annual Exhibition of Learning. The student projects enabled children in all grades the opportunity to explore areas of personal interest.

Students were exposed, directly and indirectly, to a myriad of interdisciplinary skills:

  • How to do research;
  • How to clarify and ask a series of questions;
  • How to display knowledge in various forms, and
  • How to explain knowledge that you own to an audience.

Pre-K and Kindergarten worked in groups to create their projects, while our 3rd-7th graders worked on personal projects. Our goal was to have every child or groups of children, present an exhibit of which they are proud, and which represents an effort to own some expertise about a subject they care about. Parents were able to walk around the school, viewing the exhibits, and learning from each student, as they presented their work.

  • Pre-K used their "Favorites" curriculum, and took a deep dive into their favorite animals, researching and turning the information into 3-dimensional art for their exhibit, "Pre-K's Animals Around the World". Their artistic endeavors with this project showed talents beyond their years!
  • K-1-2 students explored three different animals: dolphins, eagles, and foxes. Through dioramas, art projects, diagrams, and video presentations, each group worked hard to visually represent and teach others what they learned. Their creation of an eagle's nest, two types of fox dens, complete with their own clay fox creations, and their original video presentation, "All About Dolphins" were truly well-done!
  • 3-4-5 students started their projects with a book by Pablo Neruda called, The Book of Questions. Each student then posed questions, researched, and used artist statements about topics they truly cared about. Examples of some of the projects are: "The History of Chocolate", "What emotions do you experience most?", "Is Karma Real?", "A Study of Sweden", and "British Tipped Cats", to name a few. All questions were deep, original and well-researched. 
  • 6-7 students were more independent in how they chose and pursued a topic. They identified a researchable passion and brought it to life in their preferred mode. Exhibits included: "Conspiracy Theories", "Dungeons and Dragons", "Building a Bakery 101", "How can you Make a Mocktail that Tastes Good, Looks Nice, and is a bit Fancy", "How Can I bring the Outdoors in When it comes to Interior Design?", "How can you Build a Ski Resort that is fun for All Levels?", to name a few.

CLICK HERE for photos.