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Marine Science Completes Field Season at Cove Beach

Marine Science Completes Field Season at Cove Beach

The Marine Science class has completed their field season at Cove Beach in Stamford. Over the course of the fall, they completed three sets of water tests, and two biodiversity surveys ("creature surveys”). Now that they've gathered as much data as possible, the class will begin to use that data to make their conclusions about Cove’s health and the balance of its ecosystem. The process of writing the Field Report takes several weeks.

When asked what the highlight of the weekly Cove trips has been for them, from one student's perspective, it was “surviving” a colder than expected, windy day in the field with a totally unexpected RAIN SQUALL! Just the physicality of working through that, and the wind, and the almost-lost data pages, was quite an accomplishment. From another perspective, the experience of turning over rock after rock in one of the habitats and finding dozens and dozens of Asian crabs under every single rock was amazing. According to Science Curriculum Director Phoebe Griffith, “'Thinking like an Egret' to try to catch minnows to bring back to the lab aquarium…and finding out how difficult that is to do, was definitely a highlight!" 

Stay tuned for excerpts of the students’ work, hopefully coming as soon as December!

Click HERE for photos.