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A Big Week in K-2!

A Big Week in K-2!

On Monday the K-2 center celebrated the 100th day of school. Students have been tracking the number of days at school since September and have practiced adding days and watching the tens column and ones column change routinely.

One of the reasons lower elementary school grades celebrate the 100th day is to highlight their study of place value. Some activities included in the K-1-2 celebration were:

- A special snack! Students gathered 10 pieces of 10 different food and brought them over to their snack mat where they combined to equal 100 snacks! 

- A balloon pop game! Students popped balloons to reveal 100 numbered Hershey Kisses. They then placed each candy on its respective spot on the hundreds board.

- "Station Time": Songs, games, and crafts centered on the number 100!

Click HERE for some photos from this special day!