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K-2 Celebrates the 100th Day of School

K-2 Celebrates the 100th Day of School

In the K-2 Center, it is a tradition to celebrate the 100th day as a way to acknowledge the students' growing understanding of place value. The students have counted the days they have been in school each day, and have watched the days change from the ones place (1-9), to the tens place (10-99), and finally, the hundreds place (100!). Many of the students have practiced "trading in" ones to make tens and then together on Monday, they traded in 10-tens to make 1-one hundred.

This year's 100th Day Celebration was filled with activities focused around the number 100 including the infamous "100 Day Snack" and "Balloon Pop" activities. However, the students also had "flip books" to take along to 10 different stations and complete activities and tasks (oriented around the #100) in order to earn a 10-stamp on that activity's page. Stations included:

- Decorate 100th day glasses
- Race to 100 with a friend
- Make 100th day hats
- Flip a coin 100 times
- Hop to 100
- Can you do 100 exercises?
- What can you make with 100 legos?
- Can you make a 100-cheerio necklace?
- What would you buy with $100?
- Can you make a design with the 100 objects you brought to school?

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