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The Exhibition of Curiosity

The Exhibition of Curiosity

Today we welcomed families and special visitors of the students in grades Pre-K through 8 on campus for Mead's third annual celebration of learning, the "Exhibition of Curiosity". 

Students were exposed, directly and indirectly, to a myriad of interdisciplinary skills:

  • How to do research;
  • How to clarify and ask a series of questions;
  • How to display knowledge in various forms, and
  • How to explain knowledge that you own to an audience.

Pre-K-Grade 2 worked in groups to create their projects, while our 3rd-7th graders worked on personal projects. Our goal was to have every child or groups of children, present an exhibit of which they are proud, and which represents an effort to own some expertise about a subject they are curious about and care about. Parents and special visitors were able to walk around the school to view the student exhibits and were encouraged to ask questions along the way.

CLICK HERE for photos.