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Chemistry Zoom Guest Speaker and Demonstration

Chemistry Zoom Guest Speaker and Demonstration

Guest "chef" & 8th grade dad, Ross Goldenberg visited the Chemistry zoom class this week, where the main topic was nitrogen and its many uses in our daily lives.

Asked about his passion in this field, Ross shared that, "I love food and how we can use science to make it taste better." He shared some fun facts about his background: 

  • I used to work at Kraft Foods as part of the team that makes some of the beverages you know and love like Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Tang and Gevalia Coffee
  • I have a blog - - where I make great food (often using science) from making easy cold brew coffee and tandoori chicken with my kids to debunking the myth that eating turkey makes you sleepy 
  • My kitchen is full of weird science stuff. We use a centrifuge to make butter and separate oils from nuts and measure our liquids using graduated cylinders so we can be as accurate as scientists
  • I've been a casting finalist for two Food Network shows (one alongside my wife, Laura) but never made the cut

Ross ended the class by making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, leaving everyone with a hankering for summer and the many flavors of the creamy dessert!