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Exhibition: 6th-8th Students Showcase Independent Projects

Exhibition: 6th-8th Students Showcase Independent Projects

On Wednesday, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades students held an event that they named "Exhibition", a culmination of independent project work that they began in September. Each student chose a topic, conducted research on their topic, wrote a research essay, and developed a visual presentation that showcased the project.

Students and staff in grades Pre-K - 5 were invited to the 6-8 "pod" to attend the Exhibition where 6-8 students had stations set up with presentations and research papers on display. Visitors circulated to each space to learn the focus of each independent project, why students chose their topics, what their greatest challenges were, and what they learned throughout the process. The energy was joyful and celebratory as the Pre-K - grade 5 students asked lots of questions of their elder peers, who shared their work with excitement and pride. 

Projects included: Podcasts, Stop Motion Videos and Flip Books, Scary Stories, Animal Adaptations, Green Island Creation, and Create Your Own Country.

Click HERE for photos of the event!

Click HERE for Stop Motion Animation features!