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Community Connections & Education to Effect Change

As a leader in progressive education, The Mead School is committed to bringing our community's most valuable voices and topics to the forefront in order to trigger thoughtful discussions on critical issues and move us, as parents and educators, into action.

Our goal is to bring events to the greater community, hosted both on Mead's campus and at other local venues, that will provide a forum for topics that have rich meaning both to students and adults alike. We strive to set a stage for open-minded and honest conversations that will effect change.

Setting the Stage - Spring 2023

Parent Education Event: April 23, 2023

"Listening to Children Through the Noise of Adults"

This student panel presentation brought a panel of eight brave and articulate local high school students together with parents and teachers to identify and explore the issues we, as adults, need to hear.

Students participating on the panel joined us from the following schools:
 Greens Farms Academy, The Masters School, Greenburgh Eleven High School, Center for Global Studies, Rye Country Day School, and Staples High School. 

Students were prompted by the following questions:

-Since your generation is inheriting such a complex set of global issues after a life altering pandemic, what do you want us (adults) to hear?
-What do you need from adults in your life to help you thrive?
-And what do you need from your peers? 

Each student provided a short presentation followed by moderated discussion and questions from the audience. 

They spoke. We listened.

A full video of the event is below.

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