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Virtual Admissions Center


Meeting prospective families in person, and showing them around our school, is normally a key - and favorite! - part of our admissions process. Now, as we all work to adapt to new circumstances, we are pleased to welcome you to our Virtual Admissions Center.

We hope that the information you find here - and throughout our website - will help give you a glimpse into The Mead School.  We are proud of our uniquely progressive approach to education and the way that our teaching methods and ethos facilitate 'Learning That Lasts'.

Joanne Costello
Assistant Head of School for Admissions & Community Relations

Welcome to The Mead School


Please take the time to look at the information you find here - and throughout our website - which will help give you a glimpse into The Mead School.
We have a range of Virtual Admissions Events planned for the coming months and look forward to supporting you in your school search process.


Our virtual Open House is a relaxed and information session for prospective parents looking to get an overview of  The Mead School.

Families will have the opportunity to listen to a range of short presentations and join break out sessions to meet faculty & staff from our different divisions.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make - and sometimes you just need to talk it through...

If you would like an informal chat with our Assistant Head of School for Admissions - and maybe a couple of other parents - then this is the perfect event for you.

We have dates set aside throughout the fall, depending on which program you are interested in.


Join us for a virtual 360° tour of campus

Take a tour on your own or schedule a Zoom appointment with our Assistant Head of School for Admissions & Community Relations for a more detailed look!





Are you looking for the right school for your Twice Exceptional child?

Alongside our mainstream program, we are pleased to introduce NEXUS - a new integrated educational solution offering the next level of individual support. Let us help you and your family find out if the Nexus Program at The Mead School is the right fit for you.



Not all schools are the same...

Cover image of Seven School Skills brochure

The Mead Seven School Skills represent our overarching approach to education and to creating an experience that leads to Learning That Lasts.

With these Seven School Skills as a foundation, Mead graduates have the academic skills, self-discipline and self-confidence to embrace challenges, pursue their passions, and make a difference in their world.


Download our eBook 'The Mead Seven School Skills' to learn more about our approach - and how it could benefit your child.


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