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Frequently Asked Questions about The Mead School

Our goal is to help you fully understand the vibrant learning community that is The Mead School. We welcome all inquiries but our FAQs section provides answers to questions most commonly asked by applicant families.

Should you seek additional information, please contact Oriana Laflamme, Admissions Coordinator, at 203-595-9500 x46 or at oriana_laflamme@meadschool.org.

Why should I choose Mead for my child?

People choose Mead for many reasons. Perhaps your child is talented and gifted and would thrive in a school that engages kids at their developmental skill level rather than through a state-mandated curriculum. Or maybe your child is an out-of-the-box thinker and you want that passion to be honored. Some choose our school for the community and the emphasis placed on a values curriculum that honors social and emotional learning. Others care that our curriculum covers both the depth and breadth of a subject matter in an exciting cross-curriculum style of teaching.

Does the Mead School embrace traditional academics?

The Mead School embraces academic rigor alongside joyful learning and critical thinking, while setting high expectations for all its students. Mead teachers provide students with traditional academic skills as well as strategies for effective learning and problem solving. Students are challenged to do their best work and expected to make deep connections between subject areas requiring both critical and associative thinking. Strong skill acquisition and leadership development create educational opportunities in high school and beyond.

What is the Mead Experience?

Mead’s unique two-teacher system helps each child become a passionate learner and a confident acheiver. At Mead, expect your child to develop new academic muscles, a tireless curiousity, the courage to question, and the skills required to be extraordinary as well as to excel. Our attention to deep learning, rich challenging experiences, and personal developement has defined our school for over 40 years

Is Mead a Performing Arts school?

Mead is not a Performing Arts school, however the arts are highly valued and fully integrated into the Mead curriculum. For example, when studying the roots of American democracy in a social studies class, students may perform the play “1776,” go on an overnight trip to Philadelphia and see the original Declaration of Independence, as well as follow the classic research model.

How does Mead assess student performance?

Ongoing classroom assessments guide responsive teaching on a day-to-day basis. Mead teachers work together to assess students’ performance, optimizing the classroom experience for each individual child. Families and teachers have regular conferences to discuss student progress. Children in the Sixth to Eighth grades take an ERB standardized test each spring.

How do Mead students transition into high school?

The most common feedback we get from secondary schools is that Mead kids know how to think critically, are invested in their own learning process, and possess great self-knowledge and advocacy skills. They are also confident and comfortable with adults. Many students go on to take honors classes, having negotiated for a schedule that meets their individual goals.