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Pre-Kindergarten Center

Pre-Kindergarten is an exciting time for students and teachers alike. During this special school year, students demonstrate immense growth in their abilities to be more responsible and independent, to advocate for themselves, and to play cooperatively with their peers. Pre-Kindergarten students also show their eagerness in exploring the alphabet and numbers as well as their interest in further developing both their written and oral language skills.

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Full Day (September - June)
Monday - Friday | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Extended Day (September - August)
Monday - Friday | 6:15 AM - 6:00 PM

Closed for federal holidays, Winter Break and program development.


Minutes from the Merritt Parkway!
1095 Riverbank Road, Stamford, CT 06903.

What makes Pre-Kindergarten at Mead so great?

Year-Round Dependability & Flexibility

To provide your family with the most flexibility, we offer a variety of programs. We are in session from September to August. We close for federal holidays, winter break and staff development. Talk to us about your specific needs, and we'll help find the option that is best for you.

Bright & Spacious Classrooms

Our architecture and interior design reflect an openness that encourages exploration and discovery. Spacious classrooms and engaging materials evolve with the children, supporting optimum growth and development every step of the way. Our carefully planned preschool classrooms are tailored to meet both individual and group needs. They provide a variety of materials for different skill levels, so that curriculum is accessible to all and all learners can meet with success.

The Mead Experience

A child’s Mead experience is unlike any other. Mead encourages children to take risks, explore beyond what they believed was possible, fearlessly engage in the unknown and discover something new about the world and themselves. Mead’s two-teacher system helps each child become a passionate learner and a confident achiever. At Mead, expect your child to develop new academic muscles, a tireless curiousity, the courage to question and the skills required to be extraordinary.

Engaging Curriculum

Although children follow predictable patterns of development, the rate, pace and actual manifestation of any skill are unique to all children. Individual differences such as personality, temperament, learning style, native language, special needs and family culture are embraced. Teachers spend time getting to know each and every child. They create developmentally appropriate goals for the classroom as a whole, and tailor learning opportunities for individual students. This results in a rich curriculum and classroom environment.

Our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are designed to link both social/emotional competency and early academic learning. In addition to our exceptional teaching teams, students work in collaboration with with five different program specialists in Music, Movement, Gym, Drama and Spanish. Specials offer our students the opportunity to practice a variety of important skills. Pre-Kindergarteners are exposed to new spaces, materials and the concept that different environments can hold different expectations. These experiences provide opportunities to practice transitions, and learn how to work with teachers outside of their classroom.

Exceptional Teachers

Our experienced Pre-Kindergarten teachers (25 years combined of teaching experience) work closely with each child creating strong, nurturing, and respectful relationships that continue long after the school year comes to a close. Spending significant time with the students and learning about their interests, abilities, and needs, the teachers create and tailor a curriculum that truly speaks to and intrigues each child across their developmental ages.