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We don't just believe our students learn better and learn deeply, we know they do...  We are presented with moments everyday where our students surpass not only our expectations, but the ones they have of themselves. 

This is not something achieved overnight - it is the evidentiary result of a commitment to experiential, student-led learning in every subject in every grade. 

Mead School Graduates are...

Self-Aware • Self-Advocates • Accountable • Flexible • Resilient • Community Builders

A Mead education is comprehensive and intentional. Our commitment to teaching and learning is expressed through our detailed Key Learning Goals for each subject and our overarching Seven School Skills.  We commit ourselves to ensuring that every Mead Graduate will either achieve or surpass these goals, within the boundaries of their individual abilities.

Read on to discover more about what it means to be a Mead School Graduate...



Key Learning Goals for every Mead School Graduate


A Mead Graduate is a(n)...

  • Flexible, independent, problem solver
    Reasons quantitatively, creatively, and abstractly, using models and/or efficient processes.
  • Technician
    Demonstrates a solid foundation of conceptual understanding and skills necessary to achieve success in Algebra 1 and beyond.
  • Information consumer
    Recognizes patterns, structure, repetition, and anomalies in data; uses these patterns to find solutions, offer predictions, make decisions, and assess the reasonableness of a set of conclusions.
  • Technology exploiter
    Uses tools and technology strategically to enhance understanding and support efficient problem-solving.
  • Effective communicator
    Expresses conjectures, reasoning, processes, conclusions, reflections, and feedback both verbally and in writing using appropriate terminology.

Language Arts

A Mead Graduate is a(n)...

  • Effective communicator
    Listens attentively and intentionally, using the skills of reflection to frame oral and written interactions

    Writes competently in a variety of forms and styles, including the rhetoric essay.
  • Accomplished active reader
    Uses a toolkit of strategies for reading actively, including a variety of note taking methods.
  • Language technician
    Is well-versed in the mechanics and use of language, punctuation, and vocabulary.
  • Critical and flexible thinker
    Analyzes, compares, connects, explores multiple perspectives, questions, and synthesizes, using a socially responsible and global lens.


A Mead graduate is a(n)…

  • Observer and questioner
    Develops and uses models (diagrams, drawings, 3-D representations, dramatizations, storyboards, etc.) to record, make sense of, test, and predict.
  • Organized planner
    Hypothesizes, designs steps of inquiry, and chooses tools and methods.
  • Investigator
    Use the tools and records data (*analysis is ongoing within this to refine the data).
  • Critical thinker
    Identifies and analyzes patterns; uses math to support explanations and arguments.
  • Effective communicator
    Communicates findings; builds and supports findings with evidence.

Foreign Language (Spanish)

A Mead Graduate is a(n)...

  • Language technician
    Expresses common vocabulary terms and phrases; demonstrates comprehension of simple directions (both verbal and written), commands, and requests through appropriate physical response.
  • Effective communicator
    Writes a complete paragraph in target language. Uses target language to paraphrase what is heard or read in descriptions of people, places, objects, and daily activities. Analyzes the use of verbal and non-verbal etiquette (e.g., gestures, intonation, and cultural practices) to determine the meaning of a message.
  • Situational speaker
    Understands and participates in spontaneous conversations, using the target language to describe people, places, objects, and daily activities. Creates authentic short plays, skits, poems, songs, and stories.
  • Multicultural/global citizen
    Makes sophisticated linguistic cultural correlations to build connections with other content areas, compares the language and cultures studied with own, and participates in home and global communities.


A Mead graduate is a(n)…

  • Effective Communicator
    Speaks with confidence and clarity in front of an audience.
    Connects body and voice together to create a three-dimensional character.
  • Risk-taker
    Fearlessly gives and receives offers on stage in improvisation and with scripted material.
  • Critical and flexible thinker
    Embraces theatre as an art form.
    Understands the basics of a play and how to decipher its theme.
  • Collaborator
    Collaborates and works together with peers toward a common goal.


  • Effective Communicator
    Performs competently and with poise, vocally or on an instrument, for an audience.

    Perseveres in practice habits and deeply understands the mechanics of practice.
  • Technician
    Reads music notation, on at least one clef, with reasonable accuracy.
  • Collaborator
    Understands what is needed to effectively play or sing as part of an ensemble.


A Mead graduate is a(n)…

  • Effective communicator
    Discusses art work with confidence and clarity (in front of a class/peers). 
  • Creative designer
    Identifies and understands the elements of design (line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color) in their work.
  • Technician
    Manipulates traditional and non-traditional art media.

Physical Development

A Mead graduate is a(n)…

  • Physically literate technician
    - Understands and demonstrates basic exercises and basic locomotor and manipulative skills and knows basic concepts of sport.
  • Good sport
    - Demonstrates what a gracious winner and loser acts like.
    - Is respectfully competitive.
    - Does not quit when things get tough and appreciates hard work.
  • Healthy individual
    - Understands that physical activity and healthy eating habits contribute to a better quality of life.
    - Makes smart and thoughtful decisions about health and wellness.

Social & Emotional

A Mead Graduate is a(n)...

  • Explorer of values
    Explores and shares personal beliefs. Embraces the value in discovering, practicing, and refining beliefs – personally and with peers, the greater community, and the world at large.
  • Capable problem solver
    Effectively articulates needs and listens for understanding.  Demonstrates empathy, flexibility, and willingness to compromise.

    Thoughtfully engages in the problem-solving process with other community members, taking risks and recovering from mistakes and failure.
  • Self-aware individual
    Knows own strengths and challenges, including emotions, and advocates for self, asking for help when needed.

    Maintains an Open/Growth Mindset. 
  • Engaged community member
    Considers and supports members of the community, nurtures relationships with others, and demonstrates personal accountability, empathy, and compassion.  Actively participates in community service projects.

What our students say...


The Mead School gave me the confidence in myself to try things I never thought I could do. Grade 6 student

I came to Mead this year & didn't want to leave my old friends. Now I wish I'd come in Pre-K! Grade 4 student

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