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Discover the Early Learning Center

A child’s Mead experience is unlike any other. Mead encourages children to take risks, explore beyond what they believed was possible, fearlessly engage in the unknown and discover something new about the world and themselves.

Our Early Learning Centers are grounded in the idea that young children learn best when they engage with the world around them with the support of adults they know and trust.

Play is at the heart of our curriculum and each child has the invaluable opportunity to try out new ideas, take on different roles and practice new skills. We see children as individuals with their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences and we work tirelessly to honor what is within each of them.


Our Age Groupings

Children benefit from being in groups of diverse developmental stages and skills. When placing children into groups, we carefully look at each child’s development and chronological age. We assess individual needs as well as the needs of the entire group to make sure we reach an optimal balance.

The tabs below explain our approach within this approach: