The Mead School

Our Academic Approach

Learning is different at The Mead School.  We inspire a love of learning in all our children through a process of exploration and inquiry, experimentation and play. We develop and enhance curiosity in our students, resulting in an approach that really does lead to 'Learning That Lasts'.
The Seven School Skills that represent our overarching approach to education and learning are found across all ages.  Click on the links below to discover more about the different sections of our school.


Early Learning Center

Infants to PreK


PreK - Grade 4

middle school

Grade 5 - 8

The Mead Difference

Values that define our school. Skills that empower our students.

Experiential Learning

Cognitive & developmental research endorses experiential learning.

Founded over forty years ago, Mead School is committed to setting the standard in progressive education for children, six weeks old to eighth grade.

Our approach is built upon cognitive and developmental research that shows that individualized, experiential learning provides the most rewarding education for children. Our curriculum encourages depth of understanding and higher-order thinking as we engage students' senses and their passion for discovery.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts are integral to the Mead School experience.

Beginning with our youngest children in the Early Learning Centers, The Expressive Arts (Art, Drama, Music, Physical Development, Movement and Español) are key to our approach.

As children grow, and are ready to receive, we integrate the expressive arts and academics to create a classroom environment alive with excitement and curiosity, one that encourages profound learning by exposing students to different perspectives and fresh ways of applying their knowledge.

Mutual Respect

Celebrating academic excellence and personal achievement with mutual respect.

Our students learn to respect the differences that make everyone unique. We know that children thrive when they feel both nurtured and challenged.

We provide an atmosphere of respect rather than competition and comparison. A supportive environment to guide our students through the demands and rewards of intellectual pursuit, as well as social and emotional development - ensuring that they are exceptionally well prepared to create meaningful lives.

What Our Students Say

Mead School gave me the confidence in myself to try things I never thought I could do.  – Grade 6 studentI came to Mead this year and really didn't want to leave my old friends. Now I wish had come in Pre-K! - Grade 4 student