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How do we nurture courageousness?

How do you foster grit, resilience, and fearlessness?

We believe that you embrace unhurried childhood and revel in new discoveries and experiences.  Our students engage big challenges, and we teach and model that failure is not an end, but often just a stop on the road to success.  Mead provides students with unique opportunities to develop their fearlessness.

  • A safe environment where students are deeply known and  as such regularly encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zone
  • Ample time for outdoor exploration, discovery, and re-centering
  •  A challenging curriculum that creates opportunities to struggle with 'next level' subject matter
  • Risk-taker opportunities built into performing arts and communications curricula
  • An expectation to navigate collaboration even when it feels uncomfortable, and the support to work through challenges
  • Multi-day trips for students beginning in Grade 4, built to expand horizons and grow independence

Courage in Action