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We hear one observation more than any other from both alumni, and High School admissions directors. They all cite the extent to which Mead grads have a uniquely robust sense of self – they are self-aware, self-motivated, self-confident, and empathic self-advocates, who are deeply comfortable in their skin.  So what is the secret?

  • The small classes and Home Center Model at Mead provide a warm and safe environment in which students are encouraged to take risks, explore, and be their authentic best selves
  • Time for reflection is built into schedules - and carved out as specifically needed, to ensure students are acting with confidence and intention
  • Elective periods and Student Independent Project blocks are a priority so that students feel known and encouraged to pursue their unique passions.
  • An immersive educational and social experience places the student truly at the center of their learning journey.

Centered Students in Action