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How do we deepen caring?

We believe that when faculty create deeply caring relationships, peers are actively taught empathy and reflection, and students are stewarded in on-the-ground actions in support of their community and environment, deep caring is nurtured and reinforced.  What does that look like?

  • Mead has a weekly values curriculum that covers topic including empathy, perspective taking, social justice, equity, and inclusion.
  • Time is carved out in weekly schedules to reflect individually and in groups on friends, community, and global issues.
  • Mead outdoors is an initiative that celebrates and explores topics on environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Community partnerships provide opportunities for Mead students to learn about local needs and take action that directly impacts their area.
  • A weekly K-8 student-led sharing assembly provides a regular opportunity for students to get to know one another better by showcasing strengths and passions, and lending a voice to topics that personally matter.  
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Caring in Action