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Pre-K News

Pre-K News

Following routines, negotiating, problem-solving, building, working with numbers and letters...it's all in a day's work for our Pre-K students...and what a wonderful year if growth it has been so far.

The children are learning so much about themselves, each other and the limitations of the materials. Whether we are playing inside or outside, they are learning lessons of the value of teamwork, how to communicate their needs as well as listening and adjusting to the needs of others. 

The playground is a place of great development for our physical bodies, but also for the students' social and emotional growth. How do we care for each other? How do we work through disagreements and learn to listen to one another's points of view? Great work is happening here!

A popular activity this week was our number scavenger hunt! The students took turns searching the classroom for numbers between 12 and 19. At each number there was a stamp to mark that found number! We've also been counting down the days until winter break.

The class also practiced peacefulness and patience by playing a game where a ball was calmly rolled to a center square on the rug, and it had to stay on that spot for a bit. Students had to each wait for a turn, which was frustrating at times but they worked well as a large group waiting for each turn!

In honor of the start of Hanukkah, Chris introduced a menorah he made out of clay and the class enjoyed a book all about the holiday. Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Click HERE for photos from the week.