The Mead School

K-Grade 8 STEAM Teams Create Unique Artwork

K-Grade 8 STEAM Teams Create Unique Artwork

On Wednesday, each STEAM team worked collaboratively collecting a specific list of items found around the school and arranging the items into a unique artistic presentation. The items included a rock, a stick, something shiny, a Mead School logo, a piece of bark, an object thought to be beautiful, a circular-shaped item, something red, an acorn, and a seed. The students had lots of fun searching for their items and working together to determine HOW their creation would ultimately come together!

The photo featured above is the capture of Steam Team A's artwork. Here are some of the student's comments on this work:

"Kickball represents playing gaga ball, one of my favorite things to do at school."

"The variety of items gathered symbolizes the school itself and all the activities students do."

"The hands in the photo are bringing us all together as a team."

"I really like the representation of art through the use of many colors."

"The activity was so fun!"

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