The Mead School

Pre-K Works in the Garden & Greenhouse

Pre-K Works in the Garden & Greenhouse

The garden is taking shape, and the students have already been a big part of its revival process! This week was the first time that K-1-2 visited the garden to work and explore, so the Pre-K students wanted to make it easy for their guests' first experience in the garden spreading mulch. They filled buckets of mulch and laid them out where the grass line meets the blacktop.

During the K-1-2 Center's visit, Pre-K took time to point out the four different plant varieties that are currently growing along the fence line. It was so much fun to watch the pre-K class teaching the older students about the garden environment including where they put the rocks, how to pull the weeds, what to do with them once they are removed from the ground, and of course...how to fill a bucket with mulch and where to dump it!

After their garden teaching experience Pre-K stopped over to the greenhouse to observe their work. The children were very excited when they noticed that their plants had grown quite a bit in just a few days! Next the students will move on to the work of transplanting.

CLICK HERE for garden and greenhouse photos.