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Infant Center News

Infant Center News

Free movement and the growth of motor skills go hand in hand. As children repeat and practice simple sensorimotor patterns, they are maintaining important connections in the brain. While they are constantly repeating their play as it is how they learn to interpret and make sense of the world around them, they also find it enjoyable - and it makes them feel good!

Some of the children are challenging themselves physically and cognitively to do things without a teacher’s help. For example, they exhibit this by finding differeent ways and different tools to use for their climbing adventures!  

When children dance, it not only helps them practice their balance and coordination, it helps them to become more aware of their bodies and how they can move.

One of our students has recently started walking and is now making turns, starting and stopping...without losing balance. Walking not only opens up a whole new way of exploring the world, it also gives children a huge boost of confidence!

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