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Transportation Curriculum in Pre-K

Transportation Curriculum in Pre-K

In January, Pre-K began a transportation curriculum that's been very engaging and a lot of fun for the students. The class began a conversation prompted by questions such as "How do you get to school”? The teachers collected the information and reviewed all of the answers the children generated. 

From there, students moved on to transportation exploration workshops. The children were split into groups and asked to define the different parts of the car using visuals to locate each part.

It was then time to imagine and build the roads! Students created straight roads and curved roads, wide roads and narrow roads! Students worked by themselves or partnered together on tracing and drawing the layout of their roads. They used scissors and rulers in the process - great fun while practicing fine motor skills.

As a result of all of this learning, the teachers have been thrilled to see how the transportation curriculum has merged with the excitement that has been in the block space!

Click HERE for photos from the week.